Journal of Scientific Dentistry
Volume 12 | Issue 1 | Year 2022

Future Higher Education

Pradnya Kakodkar

Education and Research Consultant, Megapolis, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Corresponding Author: Pradnya Kakodkar, Education and Research Consultant, Pune, Maharashtra, India, Phone: +91 9881409089, e-mail:

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Received on: 10 November 2022; Accepted on: 25 November 2022; Published on: 15 December 2022

Keywords: Facilitator, Future educations, Higher education, Learners, Lifelong learning, NEP 2020.

The present fast-paced digital world is evolving rapidly; also, COVID-19 additionally catalyzed the digital evolution, accelerating the change by almost 7 times while wiping out the educational progress in children by 20 years. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, launched recently in India, was revised with a gap of 34 years. This was done to keep pace with the fourth Industrial revolution with an intent to revamp, re-energize and re-adjust the current educational reforms primarily. Some of the principles of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4) (Fig. 1) and Education 4.0 are considered in NEP 2020. The current university curriculum is primarily seen as neither designed based on the job market nor able to keep pace with technological advancement (Education 4.0).

Fig. 1: Sustainable Development Goal 4

The present higher Education is back-laden, and it needs to align itself with the futuristic constructs. The key activities that will help us in bringing about the change are as follows:

Fig. 2: Trinity for curriculum designing

Finally, to sum up, we can approach the higher education of the future in the following ways:

Let us march ahead in education for a sustainable future!

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