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Root Resorption -A Review

Kavitha S

Keywords : Root resorption, inflammation, infection, trauma, surface resorption, pressure resorption

Citation Information : S K. Root Resorption -A Review. 2012; 2 (1):12-22.

DOI: 10.5005/jsd-2-1-12

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Published Online: 07-08-2020

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2012; The Author(s).


A thorough knowledge of the aetiological factors and complex dynamics of the mechanisms involved in root resorption are critical for effective management. Poorly diagnosed and treated cases not only have a debilitating physical impact, but also causes psychological trauma to patients. This further stresses on the need for dentists, and cndodontists in particular, to be able to recognise cases of established resorption or potential to develop into one. Careful case selection and complete inactivation of resorptive tissues are two critical steps in successful management of root resorption. This review will focus on the pathological process ofresorption from a clinician's perspective, and will discuss the various entities ofrcsorption, its features, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. It will also attempt to correlate the actiopathogcncsis to the above mentioned features in order to make the understanding of this obscure pathology clear.

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